FOLDER 10: Rib Lake’s Lumbering Era - 1881-1948: A video in five parts. 





This majestic white pine awaits its fate at the last log ceremony at Rib Lake Lumber Company Camp #28, February 25, 1948.  The train ride to the camp and the last log ceremony may be viewed in part 4 of the video: Rib Lake’s Lumbering Era.


This is a video prepared in conjunction with the 1981 Centennial of the Village of Rib Lake.  It consists of five parts: 


Parts 1 & 2

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1.         The first part consists of historic photographs of Rib Lake and explanatory comments narrated by Robert P. Rusch.


            2.         The second part of the video is a colored movie taken in 1937 showing a train ride on the Rib Lake Lumber Company’s logging train.  The movie also covers logging operations in the Town of Corning, Lincoln County, Wisconsin.  Unique scenes of logging camp life are covered. 


Parts 3-5


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            3.         The third part of the video consists of homemade movies made by Ray Voemastek, including spectacular footage of sawing huge pine logs within the Rib Lake Lumber Company’s sawmill; the Voemastek movies also depict the 1945 fire which destroyed the Rib Lake Lumber Company office and planing mill. 


            4.         The fourth part of this video consists of home movies made and narrated by Elmer Taylor.  This footage includes the Last Log ceremony held February 25, 1948, at Camp 28 in the Town of Corning, culminating in the felling of a massive white pine, the “last log".


            5.         The fifth part consists of still photos in the 1940's and narration by Robert P. Rusch. 



The DVD may be purchased from the Rib Lake Community Club by contacting:


                                    Mrs. Linda Kathrein

                                    426 State Hwy 102

                                    Rib Lake, WI  54470